COVID-19 Safety

The COVID-19 safety policy

To ensure the safety of all our guests and tour guides, NT&T has implemented the following protocols:

  • Each associate, including chauffeurs and tour guides, will have their body temperature scanned when reporting to work. Any associate with an elevated body temperature above 100.4 degrees or reporting symptoms of illness is automatically removed from duty, instructed to self-quarantine, and contacted by their healthcare provider.
  • If an associate is not feeling well or their family member(s) is/are not feeling well, we have asked that they stay home and see a doctor immediately to avoid passing it on to others.
  •  All NT&T chauffeurs will, on a mandatory basis, wear a facemask at all times while on duty and driving. Except for when the mask will interfere with their job requirement, such as providing tour narration.
  • NT&T kindly asks any passenger not fully vaccinated to please wear a facemask when within 6 feet of and while inside a vehicle.
  • Our professional Detail Staff will, daily, disinfect each vehicle using an electrostatic fogger with a non-toxic chemical solution that has been tested to kill airborne and surface-born viruses and meets all CDC standards and protocols. (View Video Below)
  • All surfaces on the interior of each vehicle are thoroughly disinfected, including handles, seat belts, air vents, buttons, and armrests, using the guidelines set by the CDC.
  • Chauffeurs have been trained and instructed to use the same CDC guidelines/techniques after each ride is completed to ensure the safety of each client.
  • Chauffeurs have been asked to avoid shaking of client’s hands. You may also notice some changes to our amenities, such as removing all printed and reading materials from the seat back pockets and limiting physical materials shared between passengers and chauffeurs.
  • View below our Social Distancing Seating Recommendations for various vehicle capacities.
  • The staff disinfects all office and common areas using the same CDC guideline techniques.
  • Wash hands often using soap and water, and avoid touching your face.
  • NT&T is proud to be a very active member of our community and state. Our leadership team has direct access to local and state officials, ensuring that we will be updated with all current recommendations and regulations.

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Our professional Team Is Always Available. Call (239) 260 - 3272 anytime (24/7) Or Fill Out The Form Below and we'll be in touch shortly

Where May We Take You?

Our professional Team Is Always Available.
Call (239) 260 - 3272 Anytime (24/7)
Or Fill Out The Form Below And We'll Be In Touch Shortly.